Head Massage


Wholistic Massage Clinic Remains Open and Continues to Follow Proper COVID Prevention Protocols.

My clients health and safety are my #1 priority!

During this time proper protocols are followed in disinfecting and sanitizing the suite and massage room prior to all appointments.  

Ample time between clients is allowed for proper cleaning and to avoid clients coming in contact with each other. 

There is never more then myself and one client in the suite at all times.  I ask that all clients arrive at their scheduled time, and alone, unless assistance is required or are a parent attending your child's appointment.

For the safety of all clients that visit Wholistic Massage Clinic, masks/face coverings are REQUIRED to enter the building and the massage suite.  If you do not have one, a mask will be provided to you.  If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask/face-covering,

I kindly ask that you postpone your appointment until a time when masks are no longer recommended.

If you are feeling under the weather or experiencing cold like symptoms please wait to schedule your appointment until you are 100% recovered.  Please keep in mind that the Common Cold, Flu, and Coronavirus are ALL CONTAGIOUS RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS!  

You are contagious prior to any sign of symptoms and even after your symptoms have subsided.

Massage therapy WILL NOT help you get over a cold, but in fact can possibly overwhelm your immune system and make it worse.

So when in doubt please stay home for the safety of everyone!

Stay Healthy & Safe!

Donna Kowalczyk, LMT